Dhyaana Retreat – Launching Summer 2020!

Going back to a nature of awareness!

At Dhyaana, wake up with the sun, practice yoga and immerse in some walking meditation. Engage in some farming, pick vegetables and get involved the preparation of the food. Learn mindful eating and rejuvenate yourself with this Saatvic food. At the end of the day, be a part of bonfire gatherings where you can share stories and connect with like-minded people. Accommodation is in tents and mud huts and you get to have the wonderful experience of sleeping in the lap of nature, under the stars!

Simply put, slip into a slow life, sometimes doing nothing at all! 🙂 Go back invigorated and with greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence! What’s more, you are now armed with a number of practices that you can continue to use in your daily life!

An ideal spot for corporate off-sites!

Dhyaana Farmstay, yoga meditation and Mindfulness Retreat is available for corporate training needs with and without our trainers.

Built on a foundation of sustainability

The retreat offers a rustic experience with its mud huts made from earth and dried plant fibre sourced from the land. Little dams lined with granite stones from the area for rainwater storage and solar panels powering the place. We’re also exploring putting up a windmill to tap into the year-round breeze that this region is blessed with.

A social agri-tourism initiative

The farmstay is also an agri-tourism initiative that aims to improve the lives of the rural folk in the region. We source all produce locally, employ local people and give our guests the opportunity to be a part of local lives!

We are also working towards establishing a model of teaching yoga and mindfulness free of cost to underprivileged children at a number of schools in the region.

We urge you to join us and experience the energy that comes from making a difference to these lovely rural kids. So whether you teach them rocket science or about the birds and the bees, you’ll find there is no greater learning than teaching! meditation

Dhyaana Farmstay & Yoga Meditation

The perfect getaway near Bangalore!

Dhyaana’s upcoming Farmstay and Mindfulness Retreat is a space to destress, practice yoga, meditation, be close to nature, experience rural life and teach rural kids through our Mindfulness Outreach Centre. A short drive from Bangalore, the retreat is situated in a small village in the beautiful Thally area, also known as Little England for its pleasant climate and scenic views.