Reprogram your Karmic Patterns for Joy & Abundance

with Mindfulness teacher, Gopi Krishnaswamy

“That’s just the way it is – it’s my karma – I can’t do anything about it.” is one of the biggest myths we have been fed!

Have you also felt resigned to your fate or Karma at times? Have the dream job, financial security and wonderful relationships looked out of reach? Do Abundance and Joy seem fleeting or far away? Does life feel stuck at times with something invisible blocking and preventing you from fulfilling your dreams?

If you have felt this way even at times, you are not alone! Most of us do not understand how Karma works nor do we know how to alter it. You might have even tried using the Law of Attraction and wondered why it doesn’t seem to work for you!

You see, we are all born with Karmic patterns or samskaras which form the blueprint for our life. These are based on the choices and consequent actions of our previous lives as our energy bodies take birth again. And on top of it, we are constantly integrating the choices and actions of this life! Thus unfolds a stunningly complex pattern of birth, choices, death, rebirth, karma and a ‘seemingly inexorable’ cycle of cause and effect.

‘Seemingly inexorable’ because it’s NOT.

In fact, IT IS COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to alter this blueprint. This is a truth revealed in one of the most powerful laws of spirituality – ‘you can create the effect and the cause will follow’!

Epigenetics, the radical and emerging science proves that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Research shows that our bodies can change as we change our thoughts. We have the power to alter our health and well-being for the better! In other words, the cell’s environment matters much more than we once thought. So change the cell’s environment, and change the cell behavior and genetic characteristics. And since we’re made up of cells, change ourselves!

Based on these powerful and radical insights and over 10,000 hours of meditation practice, internationally renowned Mindfulness teacher Gopi Krishnaswamy has developed this method of ‘Reprogramming your Karma’. A method he has used with unbelievable success in his own life and one that is now available to you in a LIVE ONLINE session!

In this session, you learn to actually let your limiting beliefs die through the ancient practice of Maranasati or death meditation! You then take birth again while seeding Abundance and Joy into your subconscious while charging them at a cellular level with the primordial energy of the sounds produced by Tibetan Singing Meditation Bowls.

Creative Visualisation and Belief come together with Energy and Biology to Reprogram Karma!

Join the first online session of this bi-monthly event. Taught in a fun, easy to understand and contemporary way!

Use this incredibly powerful method to incept Abundance and Joy into your being and watch them manifest as your life unfolds!

About the teacher

Gopi Krishnaswamy is a senior executive turned Mindfulness Meditation teacher who walked away from conventional corporate success into Zen, learning from many masters including living at Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Monastery and training to become a teacher. Today, he works at the confluence of Mindfulness, Creativity, Leadership and Wellbeing. He has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with leading global companies including his last full time role as a Managing Director with IDEO, the iconic design company.

Gopi is also a teacher at the world famous Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (www.siyli.org) and is one of the first in India to be teaching their extremely popular SIY program. He is also the founder of Dhyaana Studio & Retreat and a best selling author. His book ‘Creativity Unleashed’ is by the reputed Bloomsbury Publications (publishers of Harry Potter). To know more about Gopi, visit www.gopikrishnaswamy.com

Event Details

Date – 2nd August, 2020, Sunday

Time – 17.00-19.15 IST / 11.30-13.45 GMT

A link will be sent to you prior to the event

Call +91 9900029648 for more details


Do I need to have any prior experience of meditation?

No. This is a session curated for all levels from beginner to experienced meditators. 

Is there any movement or yoga involved in the practice?

No. You just need to be able to lie down on a mat on the floor or a moderately hard surface for the duration of the meditation.

Is this a religious practice?

No. This comes from a Buddhist tradition but is taught in a completely contemporary and secular way.

What earlier participants say:
‘Loved the meditation session, very powerful. Gopi has amazing presence & grace. Thank you for helping me see this amazing perspective!’
‘I went through some very powerful experiences that have prompted me to seriously reconsider and reflect on the things that I thought were important…
Deep gratitude!’
‘It was a fantastic experience and Truly a Power Wash to The Mind, Body & Soul !!’
‘One of the deepest experiences I have ever had. Choosing to let go our elements of life form, be energy and choosing the form again with the energy we want, was liberating. That’s the way to live- in both the dimensions at will. Thank you Gopi and all the co-travelers on this transformation journey. Let the world be a nurturing and liberating place’
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