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(For families of 2 or more members using one screen.

Kids of ages 9+ can attend)

Transform your Relationship with Food

An Online Mindful Eating workshop with Gopi Krishnaswamy 

A truly transformational session that can completely alter the way you engage with food.
With mindfulness, we can see that a simple cup of tea, a fruit, or a morsel of bread are nothing less than an “ambassador of the cosmos.” Eating with the energy of mindfulness we can experience our interbeing with the planet that is nourishing and sustaining us, and heal our feelings of loneliness and disconnection.
Become fully aware of the miracle of the body – the taste buds in our mouth, and our body transforming food into energy and vitality. This also offers a chance to encounter our habit energies around food, thereby allowing us to eat right and become healthier.
You will be asked to bring a bowl of food for the session in the program note that will be sent to you before the event.
Kids aged 9 and above can also attend.
About the teacher
Gopi Krishnaswamy is a senior executive turned Mindfulness Meditation teacher who walked away from conventional corporate success into Zen, learning from many masters including living at Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Monastery and training to become a teacher. Today, he works at the confluence of Mindfulness, Creativity, Leadership and Wellbeing. He has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with leading global companies including his last full time role as a Managing Director with IDEO, the iconic design company. Gopi is also a teacher at the world famous Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (www.siyli.org) and is one of the first in India to be teaching their extremely popular SIY program. He is also the founder of Dhyaana Studio & Retreat and a best selling author. His book ‘Creativity Unleashed’ is by the reputed Bloomsbury Publications (publishers of Harry Potter). To know more about Gopi, visit www.gopikrishnaswamy.com

Event Details

Date – 12th July, Sunday

Time – 5-6.30PM IST

A link will be sent to you prior to the event

Call 9742560969 for more details


Do I need to have any prior experience of meditation or mindfulness?

No. This is a session curated for all levels from beginner to experienced meditators. 

Is there any movement or yoga involved in the practice?

No, this will be a seated practice.

Can I eat something before the session?

No, it will be best if you come with a gap of 3 hours after your last meal.

Is it safe for everyone including pregnant women, people with blood pressure, diabetes and other physical health conditions?

Yes, it is. You can choose to sit on a chair if you wish to. 

What are past participants saying about Gopi’s earlier sessions?

“Gopi is an inspiring mindfulness teacher. He gets his students to experience the benefits of the practice quickly, and then explains why it actually works. This along his calming presence which in itself acts as a goal post for new students makes the sessions he conducts quite effective.”

Ankit Jain | Start-up founder

“Attended the ‘Online Retreat on Nurturing Transformation’ and I have to say it was a weekend well spent. Such a well thought and lovely session and it has definitely made me feel transformed and energized. I love your sessions. Thank you once again.”

Apoorvi Mehta | Senior Corporate Manager

“I have attended the Online meditation sessions, specially the Death Meditation. Also attended the 2 day online mini retreat on nurturing transformation….extremely well structured and very powerful. Gopi is a facilitator with amazing presence & grace.”

Suparna Kapoor

“Attended an ‘Online Retreat on Nurturing Transformation’ and it was quite a transformational experience. I went through some powerful experiences that has prompted me to seriously reconsider and reflect on the things that I thought were important.”
Deep gratitude!

Kavitha Nair

“I used to be very stressed earlier. Since attending the meditation workshop I find I’m much calmer and my responses to people are so much better!”

Jumana Seth | Entrepreneur

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