Increase your Love & Compassion this Valentine’s Day!

(Book for a couple and get Rs.150 off at the venue)

The ancient and powerful Buddhist practice of Metta opens up your heart and evokes love and compassion from deep within. Metta in Pali comes from the Sanskrit word Maitri which means benevolence loving kindness, friendliness and good will for all. It is one of the foundational aspects of Buddhism. In this session, it is taught in a fun and contemporary, yet deep and powerful way.

Come by yourself or come as a couple for a beautiful valentines special meditation session by Gopi Krishnaswamy


Heart opening

Increased empathy & compassion

Better relationships

Lower stress

Improved energy

About the teacher

The session will be facilitated by Gopi Krishnaswamy.

Gopi Krishnaswamy is a senior executive turned Mindfulness Meditation teacher who walked away from conventional corporate success into Zen, learning from many masters including living at Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Monastery and training to become a teacher. Today, he works at the confluence of Mindfulness, Creativity, Leadership and Wellbeing. He has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with leading global companies including his last full time role as a Managing Director with IDEO, the iconic design company. Gopi is also a teacher at the world famous Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (www.siyli.org) and is one of the first in India to be teaching their extremely popular SIY program. He is also the founder of Dhyaana Studio & Retreat and a best selling author. His book ‘Creativity Unleashed’ is by the reputed Bloomsbury Publications (publishers of Harry Potter).

Event Details

Date – 15nd February, 2020, Saturday

Time – 6-7PM

Venue – Dhyaana, Indiranagar

Energy exchange – Rs.450 per person and Rs.750 for couples


Do I need to have any prior experience of meditation?

No. This is a session curated for all levels from beginner to experienced meditators. 


Is there any movement or yoga involved in the practice?

No. You just need to be able to sit either on the floor or in a chair for the duration of the session.


Is this a religious practice?

No. It just comes from a Buddhist tradition but is taught in a completely contemporary and secular way.


Can I practice this with my partner?

Absolutely! It’s a great couple practice and deepens personal relationships.


What are past participants saying?

“Absolutely wonderful session. My partner & I rediscovered our relationship through this practice.”



“Opened my eyes to new perspectives. Opened my heart to people. Loved it”



“I felt like a new person. Lighter and more compassionate”







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