Lunar Eclipse Meditation

– A portal to feel, heal & grow

with Sheetal Jayaraj

We have the last  lunar eclipse of the year on November 30th. In preparation for this time, join this meditation on Saturday, 28th November.

An intense few days will precede and follow this eclipse. If something in your life needs to be examined closely, it will surface or come at you in full force now. Being aware is the first step. The second step is to trust that this  is happening to facilitate release of what does not serve you anymore. And lastly, sit with it and facilitate this shedding process through a meditation that helps you navigate this eclipse portal and sets you on a powerful path of healing, connecting with and fearlessly expressing your authentic inner self.

After the guidance on 28th, the recommendation is to repeat the meditation on your own on the 29th and 30th for a deeper experience.

Facilitated by Sheetal Jayaraj.

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About the teacher

Sheetal Jayaraj

Sheetal is an RYS certified yoga instructor and a meditation teacher. She conducts group and personal classes and corporate sessions. She also facilitates specialized Chakra workshops and Full Moon yoga & meditation sessions regularly in Bangalore. You can see some of her videos here.










28th November, 2020, Saturday

5.30-7PM IST

Call 9739974069 for more details


Do I need to have any prior experience of meditation?

No. This session is open to anyone who is interested in meditation and would like to know more about the role of the moon in our lives.


Does this involve yoga?

No. It is a meditation event. However, we would recommend that you practice asana or some movement prior to the session to be able to sit more comfortably in meditation.


What are past event participants saying?

“It was a magical and liberating experience for me. It brought up some stuff that I needed to let go of.”



“There is so much of focus on the sun that we underestimate the power of the moon. In this beautifully curated session, I was able to discover new dimensions that I did not know existed before.”



“It was an enriching experience to learn so much about the moon and her influence on us. The practice was impactful and an emotional one. Much gratitude for the experience.”



“The event was soothing and rejuvenating. Found answers to some questions, feeling a combination balance and strength, don’t know how I can express it through words. Much needed this time. Gratitude ”



“Feeling very calm n peaceful…brought back that warmth I used to feel when my grandmother used to express her love for me*

Atul Solanki


“I had the best opportunity to participate in ‘Seeding Transformation with a New Moon Meditation’ followed by an Online Retreat on ‘Nurturing Transformation’. It was a fantastic experience and Truly a Power Wash to The Mind, Body & Soul!”

Midhula Thotapalli


“Such a well thought out and lovely session. It has definitely made me feel transformed and energized.”

Apoorvi Mehta


“Thank you for the wonderful experience and well guided session! Gratitude and blessings.”

Nivedita Ananth

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