In the light of the recent virus outbreak, we are postponing this workshop for safety reasons. The new date will be announced once there is more clarity on the situation. Thank you for your understanding. Keep watching this space for updates!


The Anahata or Heart chakra is the expansive energy centre of love, compassion, healing and harmony. This chakra lies in the middle of the seven main chakras and marks the transition from the lower chakras, which are strongly related to human individuality to the higher three chakras, which transcend the ego and personal identity. It opens us to the interconnected-ness of everything.

This chakra rules the heart, lungs, the thymus gland, arms and hands. It therefore plays a big role in good heart health, circulation and in activating the body’s defense mechanism. It governs the sense of touch. By connecting with the Anahata energy, we learn to truly feel and touch others lives and vice versa

What can you expect from the workshop?

Understand the science behind the Chakra

Learn about energy flows, what imbalanced energy flow in the chakra can lead to and the inter-relationship of the Anahata with the other chakras

Learn techniques to access and balance your heart chakra: asana, breathwork, meditation including visualization, sound and journaling towards:

Acceptance of the self and others with a good sense of judgement.

An ability to give and receive abundantly

Increased empathy and ability to forgive

Release of anger, grief, jealousy and fear

Unconditional love and compassion

A transcendence of the self and a greater connectedness with others and the soul

About the teacher

Sheetal Jayaraj

Sheetal is an RYS certified yoga instructor and a meditation teacher. She conducts group and personal classes and corporate sessions. She also facilitates specialized Chakra workshops and Full Moon yoga & meditation sessions regularly in Bangalore.










Date/Time: 14th & 15th March, Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-12.30PM
Venue: Dhyaana, Indiranagar
Energy Exchange: Rs. 1750+tax

The workshop is open to all. Yoga practitioners and those interested and working with energy healing can deepen their knowledge of the Chakra.

Call 9739974069 for details


Do I need to have any prior experience of yoga?

It would help to be familiar with asana practice. However, even if you are a complete beginner, you will be guided accordingly. Modifications will be given where required.


Can I expect to find solutions to specific issues related to the chakra in the workshop?

You may find solutions or a direction in which to move in towards finding solutions. This workshop will equip you with knowledge about the chakra and give you tools to access the chakra. You will also understand how this is going to be a framework to take into daily life. The practices shared done with consistency over a period of time will effect transformation. 


Does this involve meditation?

Yes. Apart from the meditative element in the asana, there is guided meditation that involves visualization. There will also be the usage of sound bowls that is again a form of meditation.


Will I be able to grasp the topic in it’s entirety?

Yes. The topic will be shared in a very simple and relatable way. In a sense, we will demystify it for you because it is actually not that complicated 🙂 The objective is to help you take it into your daily life towards improving it.

What are past participants saying?

It was indeed an astounding experience for me. I left the place with better clarity and purpose than when I entered there. The group energy, the flow and the balance of the workshop was more than my expectations. The way Sheetal conducted the workshop was simply amazing. Looking forward to the upcoming ones. Thank you very much!! 🙏🏼

My experience was both beautiful and blissful in equal measure. The session helped me a lot to connect my practices and also aid in taking another step forward in my spiritual journey. Sheetal held the space for myself and co participants well and felt being in a high vibrating space. The approach was inclusive, respectful and accommodating all of us who came from different schools of thoughts and practices in life. The way she has straddled from pragmatic to philosophical to scientific to spiritual and still ensuring that it resonates with us was extraordinary. Never at any point did I feel that results are unattainable and every experience I took away from the session is equally worth exploring and reflecting. Thanks a lot for the support and guidance. Heartfelt gratitude.

Some of the reasons I came was because I have been feeling that my energies were low. My memory used to be better. I used to communicate in a better way. From the session, I got a good idea on where to start from.