Join us for Full Moon Yoga – A Chandranamaskara flow

with Sheetal Jayaraj

The Moon represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our dreams, fears and worries. It denotes our unconscious beliefs, our past and our yin aspect. Thus it offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express who we really are.

The full moon sees a heightening of emotions, mental processes & dreams. Every full moon is an opportunity to celebrate the fruits of our labour and fulfillment. It is a powerful time of gratitude for all that we have brought to manifest. It is also a time to analyze and start letting go of what does not serve us anymore.

This full moon, we celebrate the moon energy through the beautiful calming practice of Chandranamaskara. Chandranamaskara is a cooling sequence, more yin in nature than the intrinsically yang Suryanamaskara. Practicing the Chandranamaskara takes us on a symbolic journey of  introspection. It is a prayer that grounds and focuses the body and the mind. It helps us to access and effect our inner spaces through ‘flow’, which is an outcome of breath, movement and intent coming together.

Just as the moon goes through dark phases and returns to its full brilliance, the Moon Salutation drops into the depths of lunging and squatting and returns to expansive standing poses that radiate beauty and magnetic power. The energy of the flow reenacts the cycle of the moon’s journey through the night sky.

This sequence of poses strengthens and tones the abdominal and reproductive organs. It calms and soothes the nervous system.

So, come, learn more about Chandranamaskara and reap it’s many benefits!

The session will also include sound and breathwork, and moonbathing. We end with sharing over a healthy warm snack and drink.

Facilitated by Sheetal Jayaraj on the Dhyaana rooftop in Indiranagar.

About the teacher

Sheetal Jayaraj

Sheetal is an RYS certified yoga instructor and a meditation teacher. She conducts group and personal classes and corporate sessions. She also facilitates specialized Chakra workshops and Full Moon yoga & meditation sessions regularly in Bangalore.










Event Details

Date – 8th March, 2020, Sunday

Time – 6-8PM

Venue – Dhyaana, Indiranagar

Energy exchange – Rs.790 plus tax

Call 9739974069 for more details


Do I need to have any prior experience of yoga?

It would help to be familiar with asana practice. This session is open to all from beginners to advanced practitioners.


Is this a womens only event?

No. Anyone who is interested in understanding and exploring the essential feminine aspect present in each one of us can attend.


Does this involve meditation?

Yes. Apart from the meditative element in the asana practice itself, there is guided meditation and moon gazing as part of the session


What are past participants saying?

“It was a magical and liberating experience for me. It brought up some stuff that I needed to let go of.”



“There is so much of focus on the sun that we underestimate the power of the moon. In this beautifully curated session, I was able to discover new dimensions that I did not know existed before.”



“It was an enriching experience to learn so much about the moon and her influence on us. The movement and meditation combination was very impactful. The moon gazing practice was a very emotional one by the time we go to it. Much gratitude for the experience.”


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