Join us for an immersive 2 day workshop on the 3 lower chakras – Mooladhara (Root) , Svadisthana (Sacral) & Manipura (Solar plexus). This workshop is open to all levels of Yoga practitioners.
What are the lower chakras about?
The first three chakras or energy centres- the root, the sacral and the solar plexus relate to our sense of stability, identity, strength, will power and confidence. They are essentially the seat of our primal need to feel rooted, our emotions, creativity and sensuality, and our will power & vitality. Raising our awareness and working with these energy centres offers us guidelines to mental & physical wellbeing and facilitates spiritual growth.
What can you expect from the workshop?
Understand the science behind the Chakras
Learn about energy flows, what imbalanced energy flow in the chakras can lead to and the inter-relationship between the chakras
Experience practices that can raise awareness and balance the lower chakras: Asana, Breath work, Meditation including creative visualization, Sound, Journaling
Get insights into understanding and improving your relationship with yourself and others; initiate healing and move towards a balanced state of body and mind.
The session will be facilitated by Sheetal Jayaraj.
Date/Time: 8th February Saturday 10AM-1PM & 9th February Sunday 10AM-12PM
Venue: Dhyaana, Indiranagar
Energy Exchange: Rs. 1750+tax
Call 9739974069 for details

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