Rise into your Shakti with Chandra Namaskara

with Rahi Santhanam & Sheetal Jayaraj

Here’s an invite to a powerful, relevant and timely workshop – Rise into your Shakti with Chandra Namaskara. This is facilitated by teachers Rahi Santhanam & Sheetal Jayaraj – both of whom have had deep personal experiences with Moon rituals. Additionally, Rahi Santhanam has been involved in exploring and sharing the aspect of the Divine Feminine. Sheetal comes from a family that recognizes and honours the Moon and her cycles through various rituals. Together, they will take you through a vibrant inward journey that awakens and celebrates the energy within you that is earthy, compassionate, receptive, honest and is brimming with creative possibilities.

Chandra or the Moon is mystical and is associated with the unknown and the dark ie., our shadow self. Although our roots speak of living a life in accordance with Moon phases, Moon practices have not seen the light of the day for various reasons. Not surprising that the inner self remains a mystery too for many!

Like the Sun, the Moon is an integral part of the journey of any Yogabhyaasi or Yoga practitioner. If you need a Surya Namaskara that fires you up and prepares you to take on the world, you also need a Chandra Namaskara to quieten and nurture and engage with the silent space of your beautiful inner self. This space is vibrant with an energy that once touched will make you own and speak your truth, heal and feel complete. This is the awakening of Shakti. This is what the world needs now!

If you recognise this calling, come join this beautiful journey to Rise into your Shakti. Learn the roots and the significance of Chandra Namaskara. Experience the practice to feel, heal and spread the message.

Here’s a prequel to the session on Instagram:

The workshop will be for 2.5 hours for two days (10AM-12.30PM IST) on the weekend of September 4th & 5th. It is close to the New Moon and therefore an excellent energetic portal for the practice. You will also be part of a follow up session two weeks later on Sunday, September 19h ( 10-11AM IST) for Q&A and to share experiences post two weeks of practice.

Last day of Registration: September 1

You will need:
A quiet room, a yoga mat, a journal and pen & an open curious mind
We will share a link once you register.

About the teachers

Rahi Santhanam

Rahi is a psychologist, yoga therapist and a wellness consultant. She comes with a practise and teaching experience of 40+ years. She has been blessed to receive learnings directly from Sri Desikachar at the Krishnamacharya yoga Mandiram. Rahi is passionate about Women’s health and wellness and is currently deeply involved in learning and sharing the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. She is a also a great story-teller with immense knowledge of Indian culture and rituals.

Sheetal Jayaraj

Sheetal is an RYS certified yoga instructor and a meditation teacher. She conducts group and personal classes and corporate sessions. She also facilitates specialized Chakra workshops and Full Moon yoga & meditation sessions regularly in Bangalore. You can see some of her videos here.


4th & 5th September, Saturday & Sunday

10AM-12.30PM IST

Follow up session:

19th September, Sunday

10-11AM IST

Call 9739974069 for more details


Do I need to have any prior experience of any Moon practices or rituals?

No. This session is open to anyone who is interested in moon rituals and meditation and would like to know more about the role of the moon in our lives.

Does this involve Asana?

Yes it includes Asana practice. You will be led through preparatory asanas leading upto the Chandra Namaskara sequence.

I am a beginner to Asana practice. Can I join?

Yes, the session is open to all levels of Asana practitioners. 

Can I join if I have never practised Asana before?

Ideally, it would be best if you have a foundational Asana practice. 

Can I attend only one day of the session?

This is not recommended as your learning and practice will be incomplete. 

What are past event participants saying about Rahi’s and Sheetal’s Moon sessions?

There is so much of focus on the sun that we underestimate the power of the moon. In this beautifully curated session, I was able to discover new dimensions that I did not know existed before.


Thank you Sheetal for guiding me and all of us who have been on this journey for more than a year with you. The meditation was very silent and intense , a journey towards silence, the chanting of ‘OM’ brings peace within. The beautiful quest that most of us have is the purpose of life. I now have the faith that answers will come.My gratitude as ever to you and to universe as well for making you the Media Guru in all the Moon meditations. 🙏


The event was soothing and rejuvenating. Found answers to some questions, feeling a combination balance and strength, don’t know how I can express it through words. Much needed this time. Gratitude.


Thank you so much! As always, it was such a pleasure listening to Rahi Ma’am 💛 This is the most I’ve heard about the significance of the moon according to our culture and it has piqued my interest. The moon has always invoked bhakti and humility in me. I now understand it’s essence of grounding and rejuvenating before the outburst of new energy. It also keys in perfectly with our energy transformation during menstrual cycles.
Thank you once again!


Thank you so much Sheetal and Rahi mam for this amazing experience. Hope to see you both in conversation again. There is just so much that I never heard, knew or understood before, which I learned through this session….. the chants at beginning and end were beautiful!


Namaskaram! I’m a student from Mysore,Karnataka.Waited years to attend Rahi Ma’s session! This has come at such a right time! I want to join all of you soon! Such wonderful people doing such beautiful work! I whole- heartedly request Sheetal ma’am to bring up more content like these! Thank you so much ma’am! Lots of positivity from this end too!


That was fantastic learning..wish to learn more 🙏 thank you for letting me be a part of this!


Such a well thought out and lovely session. It has definitely made me feel transformed and energized.


Quite a transformational experience from the New to the Full Moon. I went through some powerful experiences that has prompted me to seriously reconsider and reflect on the things that I thought were important. Deep gratitude!


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