Move from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ through an integration of the five senses!

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The five senses represent our earliest sensory experiences in the world. How often do we really pay attention to what our senses are saying to us? More often than not, we allow them to get dulled by the constant distractions present in modern life. We tend to forget how powerful our senses are, and we lose the ability to perceive the wholeness of our existence.

Using the five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste can help you take in what is around you. They can be a great way of helping you to slow down and living in the moment. By frequently calling to attention and sharpening our senses during meditation, we can learn to connect with our bodies, connect with the sensations of the present moment.

In fact, each sense is a wonderful portal to presence. By bringing together all the five senses in a state of meditation, you develop your connection with higher consciousness.

Try this unique guided meditation where you are taken on a beautiful journey of exploring each sense like never before!


Heightening of the senses

Reacquainting with the body

Learning to stay in the present

Calming an anxious mind



Sheetal Jayaraj

Sheetal is an RYS certified yoga instructor and a meditation teacher. She conducts group and personal classes and corporate sessions. She also facilitates specialized Chakra workshops and Full Moon yoga & meditation sessions regularly in Bangalore.

Srinivas Vuparishta

After a decade with global hospitality brands such as Oberoi hotels, Hilton and Accor, Srinivas merged his love for food with the philosophy of wellbeing and partnered with the team at Dhyaana where he involved himself in Yoga and Meditation. Srinivas found his true calling when he attended a sound meditation session and started exploring the nuances of sound. This led to him getting certified in the space of sound healing and starting these sessions at Dhyaana. He also conducts Sound Healing sessions at Dhyaana and other locations.


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