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Fill the form here to book a class 24 hours in advance. Alternately call +91 9945030799 or mail us to [email protected]

What style of Yoga do we offer?

The classes are rooted in the Hatha school of Yoga. Hatha Yoga is loved the world over for its mindful approach and adaptability to suit different people. There is a focus on holding postures with modifications given depending on which level the practitioner is at. Breath is of supreme importance as with all styles of Yoga. Apart from Asana, the classes integrate Pranayama practices too.

Our teachers are trained in schools that are renowned for Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin & Iyengar. Therefore there are influences and learnings from other styles that they apply to the Hatha method. For example, we sometimes integrate Vinyasa as an element into Hatha to offer a flow-based Hatha Vinyasa class.

Meet the teachers!

Sheetal Jayaraj

Sheetal is an RYS certified yoga instructor and a meditation teacher. She conducts group and personal classes and corporate sessions. She also facilitates specialised Chakra workshops at Dhyaana that are much sought after. Sheetal has also built a community around Moon practices. She is deeply involved in caring for and growing this community, with special yoga and meditation rituals every full and new moon day. She believes in creating a nurturing space for practitioners to have their most authentic experiences. Know more about her at www.instagram.com/sheetal.yoga

Girija SP

Girija holds a Masters Degree in Yoga and Anthropology. Her yoga journey spans a period of 16 years. Apart from yoga & yoga therapy, she is well versed in various healing techniques including acupressure, acupuncture, reiki & pranic healing and naturopathic practices. She also teaches different kinds of meditation from vipassana to chakra meditation. Girija has facilitated sessions at the S-VYASA led wellness centres and many corporates. Her classes are much loved at Dhyaana, as her deep passion for making a change through yoga shines through in her sessions.

The Schedule

We will be relaying our classes through the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. This allows us to maintain a certain level of interaction with you and also guide you better compared to a youtube or livestream session.


Do the plans apply to studio classes as well?

No, this offer applies only to online classes. To know more about our studio classes, call 9945030799 or mail us to [email protected]

What do you mean by limited? Can I attend as many classs as I want?
Can others attend on my behalf?

You can attend 12 sessions within the plan’s time period of 30 days. No, the plan applies only to the individual who has bought the plan and is not transferrable.

What kind of internet connection do I need? What are the system requirements?

We will be using the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. You could click this link to get all the details. If you are using your mobile phone, you will need to download the Zoom app.

Can I cancel anytime and do I get a refund?

These are special discounted plans. There are no refunds once you subscribe.

How does a beginner/advanced practitioner adjust to the level of the class?

There are two levels of classes as you can see in the schedule above. You could join according to your level of practice. Additionally, our teachers offer modifications to suit different people.

Are there any dietary requirements I should know of?

Please ensure that you finish your meal 2-3 hours before the class time. For the morning classes (if you are in and close to IST), it is preferable to have an empty stomach. Alternately, if you need to for health reasons, you can have a fruit or some juice/tea/coffee at least an hour before practice.

Will I need to inform in advance as to which sessions I would like to join?

Yes, please let us know at least 12 hours before the session for morning sessions and 3 hours before the evening sessions (considering IST). That would help us to add you into the sessions in advance.

What if I have some injury? How do I know what I need to avoid?

We encourage you to let us know in advance so that the teacher is informed as well and can guide you accordingly during the session.

What if I feel any discomfort during the practice and hurt myself?

Our teachers will guide you to their best abilities. However this being an online mode, there are limits to the extent of personal supervision. So we would ask you to be extra cautious and aware as you go through the practice. Staying safe would be more in your hands than ours 🙂

Terms & Conditions

  1. GST will be extra at 18%
  2. Pay through our payment gateway.
  3. The rates are applicable only to online classes and not studio classes.
  4. The online classes are exclusively for the subscriber. Any unauthorised usage will lead to a cancellation of the subscription.