Our integrated wellbeing merges yoga, meditation & nutrition

What makes us unique

Companies today are looking at working with coaches and trainers who can go beyond conventional training and help transform organisational cultures. Integrating aspects of leadership and team building with creativity, emotional intelligence and employee wellbeing to beat stress & reduce anxiety are high on their list of priorities.

We are an integrated provider of wellbeing services that include Yoga, Meditation and nutrition.

Our uniqueness lies in our strong ability to bring these wellbeing practices into Leadership and Team building. This is because of our trainers having transformed from senior corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds into yoga and meditation teachers. We understand both worlds in a deep yet practical way!

Why companies need us

65% of working people surveyed recently by Adobe felt overwhelmed

WHO says 85% of all diseases are stress related

Happiness and peace of mind have become something we ‘pursue’

Most searched term on Google is ‘How to overcome stress?’

Humans are becoming increasingly dysfunctional as we come to terms with the pace and technology of today

We have 70000 thoughts a day / 1 thought per second

We look at our smartphones 250-300 times a day / once in every 3-4 minutes

Reason enough? 🙂

What we offer

Yoga to improve focus and reduce stress & anxiety

Mindfulness for Creativity & Innovation

Mindfulness for Emotional Intelligence

Nutrition for high performance and health

Sound Healing for rejuvenation

Team building activities using Yoga, Mindfulness & great food. Can also be at our studio in Indiranagar

Integrated wellbeing modules

Our offerings are modular and customisable to work for all your different needs and budgets.


Office yoga to beat stress – 60 mins
or Yoga + Mindfulness to beat anxiety – 60 mins
or Yoga + Mindfulness + Nutrition – 90 mins
or Yoga + Nutrition – 60 mins
or Mindfulness + Sound Healing – 90 mins
or Teambuilding with Mindfulness – 3 hours
or any other combination as required.

Pricing ranging from Rs.200/- per person and can be constructed as per the structure offered

Some of our clients

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